The central task of FlorSoz, the scientific education of its members, is achieved to a large extent through activities that facilitate specialist exchange.

Foremost is the FlorSoz excursion conference lasting several days and taking place at different locations every summer. After introductory lectures on the natural and floristic particularities of the excursion region, a variety of excursions are offered over the course of two days. A final excursion on the third day is open to a reduced number of participants only. The first such annual conference took place in Stolzenau in 1950. Since then, many regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg have been the chosen destinations. For each conference, an excursion guide is published – since 2008 it appears as a supplement to the Tuexenia journal (“Tuexenia Beiheft“).

Since 2019, the board of FlorSoz has been electing a “Plant community of the year” in need of special protection. Nature conservation issues, especially species and biotope protection, must be brought even more strongly to the attention of society and politics, so that they are given more consideration in future decision-making processes. The annually changing designation of individual species has proven to be a valuable instrument for this purpose. The proclamation of a plant community of the year is finally designed to support political decision-making processes for the preservation of the diversity of ecosystems and plant communities in Germany.