Awards for young authors

The Floristisch-soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft (FlorSoz) awards a prize of 500 € to young authors for a outstanding work published in Tuexenia (as first author).

The work should contain the results of a qualification thesis (Diploma, Master’s, Doctorate), which was written not more than 2 years ago, or of an investigation leading to a doctorate. Content, scope, layout and deadline are in accordance with the manuscript guidelines for Tuexenia . The manuscript must be accompanied by a short letter of application which provides information on age, course of study and level of education. The manuscript will be reviewed by two members of the Tuexenia editorial board. If the review is positive, the work will be published in the next Tuexenia volume.

The work worthy of an award is then selected by the executive board of the working group, and the award is presented at the next annual meeting (first time in 2008 in Greifswald).

Award winners

  • Laureate 2023: LISA BESCH
    Besch, L., Schneider, S., Hermant, S., Glesener, L. & Colling, C. (2022): Population genetic study of Alopecurus rendlei in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. – Tuexenia 42: 297–319.
  • Laureate 2023: DARIIA SHYRIAIEVA
    Shyriaieva, D. (2022): Classification, ecological differentiation, and conservation value of Pontic sandy grasslands in the Southern Buh River Basin (Ukraine). – Tuexenia 42: 57–94.
  • Laureate 2021: LEONIE MAZALLA
    Mazalla, L., Ludwig, G. & Peppler-Lisbach,C. (2021): Nardus grasslands and wet heaths are affected differently by reintroduction of management and pH recovery. – Tuexenia 41: 227-252.
  • Laureate 2021: TIM MEIER 
    Meier, T., Hensen, H., & Partzsch, M. (2021): Floristic changes of xerothermic grasslands in Central Germany: A resurvey study based on quasi-permanent plots. – Tuexenia 41: 203-226.
  • Laureate 2015: MARTIN FREITAG
    Freitag, M., Mathar, W., Yurtaev, A.A., Hölzel, N. (2015): Floristic composition and environmental determinants of pine forests in the hemiboreal zone of Western Sibiria. – Tuexenia 35: 3151.
  • Laureate 2013: THIMO CONRADI
    Conradi, T. & Friedmann, A. (2013): Plant communities and environmental gradients in mires of the Ammergauer Alps (Bavaria, Germany). – Tuexenia 33: 133163.
  • Laureate 2011: CHRISTINE KURTZ
    Kurtz, C. & Heinken, T. (2011): Diasporenbankanalyse zum Nachweis gefährdeter Segetalarten auf ehemaligen Ackerstandorten: Keimlingsauflaufverfahren versus Freilandauflaufverfahren. – Tuexenia 31: 105126.
  • Laureate 2010: BARBARA SCHMITT
    Schmitt, B., Fartmann, T. & Hölzel, N. (2010): Vergesellschaftung und Ökologie der Sumpf-Siegwurz (Gladiolus palustris) in Südbayern. – Tuexenia 30: 105127.
  • Laureate 2009: IRMA PELIKAN
    Pelikan, I. & Willner, W. (2009): Die Saumgesellschaften der Klasse Trifolio-Geranietea im Wienerwald (Österreich). – Tuexenia 29: 8396.
  • Laureate 2008: JAN PEPER
    Peper, J. (2008): Struktur und Artenzusammensetzung beweideter Auenwälder entlang der Kura in Aserbaidschan (Kaukasus). – Tuexenia 28: 103–120.