Tuexenia (since 1981)

Tuexenia publishes mainly German and English language original papers on floristic and vegetation studies in Central Europe, their theoretical foundations and applications in practice. ISSN 0722-494 X

Tuexenia Beihefte (since 2008)
Tuexenia supplements

Within the framework of the FlorSoz annual conferences, conference volumes are published as supplements in the Tuexenia series. They serve as excursion guides during the respective conferences.

Synopsis der Pflanzengesellschaften Deutschlands (1996-2017, volumes 1-12, 1 special issue)
Synopsis of the plant communities of Germany

A vegetation overview of the Federal Republic of Germany based on a detailed evaluation of original data (vegetation photographs), published by Hartmut Dierschke, Göttingen, for the Floristisch-soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft and the Reinhold-Tüxen-Gesellschaft. ISSN 1433-8440

Mitteilungen der Floristisch-soziologischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft (1928-1980)
Communications of the Floristic-Sociological Working Group (1928-1980)

Mitteilungen der Floristisch-soziologischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Niedersachsen (1928-1939, Hefte 1–4).
Communications of the Floristic-Sociological Working Group in Lower Saxony (1928-1939, issues 1-4).

Mitteilungen der Floristisch-soziologischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft N.F. (1949-1980, Hefte 1–22)
Communications of the Floristic-Sociological Working Group N.F. (1949-1980, issues 1-22)