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The search routine searches the following fields, if available: authors, year, title and abstract.

Boolean mode searching has long been popular with internet search engines – they allow you to proceed words with a + or a – to force it to either be present (+) or not present (-).

There are other boolean operators, although they get more complicated. For example, > and < mark that the following word has a higher or lower relevance respectively than other words. The tilde symbol, ~, means that the following word should contribute negatively to the relevance of the row – this is not the same as <, which marks a word as being less relevant but still relevant nonetheless, and -, which excludes a word altogether. The asterisk symbol, *, allows wildcard matching. Finally, you can use parentheses, ( and ), to group words into subexpressions.

Examples of possible boolean queries

nice language Match either nice, language, or both
+nice +language Match both nice and language
+nice -language Match nice but not language
+nice ~language Match nice, but mark down as less relevant rows that contain language
+nice* Match nice, nicely, nicety, nice language, etc
“nice language” Match the exact term “nice language”
+nice +(language country) Match either “nice language” or “nice country”
+nice +(>language <country) Match either “nice language” or “nice country”, with rows matching “nice language” being considered more relevant